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Racial discrimination in schools is serious

“While we were being extremely astonished by the content of this petition, we all know that it would be erroneous to simply dismiss it,” a spokeswoman mentioned on Tuesday.

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The 2,900-word letter, signed by a “class of 2020 graduate”, claimed some teachers had been involved in blatant sexist acts and allowed the normalisation of racism on campus by building “casually racist statements” for years.

“Mispronouncing, misspelling, and mocking names of Asian learners have been a daily occurrence, basically due for the fact that some academics feel comfortable generating exciting of non-white learners,” the writer said.

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“As a person of colour who has frequently witnessed the unfair punishment of … non-white students in KGV in particular, the current global climate regarding attitudes towards racism has made me realise I cannot stay silent on the racism perpetuated within ESF faculties.”


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Despite there being almost no black college students on campus, the author explained schoolmates would commonly use the derogatory “N-word” on others, acts which were “often overlooked by staff, rendering them complicit in racist behaviours by allowing them to continue”.

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